GALAPAGOS Travel Guide by Josef Litt (Galapagos Guidebook)


The ultimate Galapagos travel guide with island walkthroughs and first-hand stories. Galapagos guidebook with maps and more than 300 stunning photographs.


GALAPAGOS Travel Guide by Josef Litt

The ultimate Galapagos travel guide by Josef Litt is full of captivating information and first-hand stories. This Galapagos Islands Travel Guide offers more information and photographs than other publications, for example, Lonely Planet Galapagos. It is a comprehensive Galapagos guidebook that contains:

  • 288 pages
  • Maps and original illustrations
  • More than 300 stunning land-based, aerial and underwater photographs
  • Animal descriptions and behaviours
  • Island walkthroughs.

Please, contact us to have the Galapagos Islands Travel Guide signed and Josef’s dedication hand-written in the book.

    GALAPAGOS Guidebook reviews:

    “It is a thorough and beautifully documented journey through the Galapagos Islands. It covers everything you need to know, from the brutal and bloody history of the islands to the incredible story of their unique wildlife.” – Graeme Gourley, Editor-in-Chief, Geographical Magazine and DIVE Magazine.

    “Josef Litt has created the most comprehensive Galapagos guide. He has put together a work of in-depth information through remarkably thorough research and visual beauty. He fully utilizes his photography skills. He covers not just the visitor sites with their unique flora and fauna but also the history, people, geography, political context, science and conservation work. He does not forget the general tourism topics.” – Kelsey Bradley, Senior Partner, CNH Tours.

    “I suspect this Galapagos Travel Guide was conceived from an uncontrollable passion that led to a self-inflicted dedication of time and finance. Most of the time, that can be a dangerous and destructive cocktail, but, in this case, that cocktail is most definitely champagne.” – Peter Rowlands, Editor and Publisher, Underwater Photography Magazine.

    “What an outstanding piece of work by a talented photographer and writer. He answered every question I had about the visit. His illustrations and photography quality inspired me to work hard on my own photography! I would recommend it for fellow travellers or anybody who wants a true sense of what the Galapagos islands are about. A fine book!” – Amazon Customer

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